Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Introducing the Ultra Marine Audio Network

In case you are interested in some background information about us...

The Ultra Marine Audio Network is a non-profit DIY collective of artists, free-thinkers and dreamers; involved in, amongst other things the following projects:

The Hardcore Overdogs

An e-zine that aims to spotlight the more overlooked, but still very interesting aspects of the Hardcore Techno underground. As well as its social, cultural, and political connections.


A project related to the research of AI, especially in connection to art and media. Music, Techno, poetry, fiction.
As well as providing tutorials on how to use AI for these things.

Doomcore Records, Slowcore Records, Omnicore Records

DIY non-profit labels dedicated to various styles of music.

Doomcore Records is about Doomcore, a dark, somber, aggressive and brutal genre of Techno
Slowcore Records is about very slow Hardcore and Techno music; starting at 130 bpm and going as slow as 1 bpm!
Omnicore Records is about all styles of music.
We put out over 200 releases so far!

Mental Hardcore Health

An organisation dedicated to addressing mental health issues within and beyond the Hardcore Techno scene. In the hope of providing some help and support for those who are fighting these struggles.

Experimental Electronics And Other Music

A "blog" that features new and interesting electronic music of many styles.

Thoughts on Some Things

Philosophical, cultural, and medial musings

90s Hardcore Techno Database

A list of tribute DJ mixes about 90s hardcore techno artists, labels, and more.
Usually focusing on the more underground, lesser known stuff.

Video Art

"Music" and other videos to various projects; mostly related to Hardcore Techno again.

For example:

70 minutes of Dark Ambient music visualizations -


We are also involved in creating e-books about various topics, mostly centered around the Hardcore Techno culture, but also many other topics.

For example: 

PCP - Legends In Their Life - The Unofficial Planet Core Productions Book

The Hardcore Condition - Experimental Hardcore Techno Of The 90s