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Fischkopf Top 148: All tracks by Fischkopf Hamburg listed, ranked, and commented

Here it is.
Every track that was put out by the label Fischkopf Hamburg, from all records they released.
Listed, ordered, with a little comment / short review / description added to each one.
Note that the "chart" concept might be a bit misleading here:
Essentially, we love *all* Fischkopf tracks and think they are great. So, if a track is at number 101 or 124 in this chart, this does not mean it's a bad track - to the contrary!
It's all good stuff (but some is a little better ;)
We just thought the charts format would be a good idea; to present the label's catalogue, increase awareness of its music, and give somewhat of an overview of the material the label released.
(And some of the comments aim to be in the typical tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted attitude, and style of the 90s hardcore fanzines)

More info about Fischkopf Hamburg can be found here:

But let us begin:

1.Taciturne - Phenprocoumon

very inventive hardcore techno track. a good example of the kind of music Fischkopf Records released. commodore amiga hardcore sound. uses broken, unusual rhythms, not typical 4/4 hardcore techno sequences. very noisy and abrasive. at the same time, a "far eastern" ambient melody is used in this track, which is very calm and soothing. this creates a very interesting clash between the harsh, abrasive elements, and the calm melody.

2.Auto-Psy - Oxyde

A legendary track made by Stella Michelsen. Hardcore Techno. From France. Industrial. Raw. Surreal. Manipulated vocals. Ambient elements. Immortal.

3.No Name - Latex

Aggressive Overture produced by Poka Michelson. Extremely unorthodox. Noisy. Close to avantgarde music. Glorious.

4.Fields Of Defacement - Urticated

Acidcore. Experimental. Project by Lasse Steen. Unusual sound. Hypnotic melody. Very Techno-like.

5.Christoph De Babalon - Babylon 90210

Dreamy. Futuristic. Sci-Fi. Jungle, Breakcore. Done on an amiga 500. By a producer from Hamburg.

6.Amiga Shock Force - Keep Your Enemies Close

By cult producers from germany. Not really hardcore techno. Almost soft, calm. Use of breakbeats. Commodore Amiga sound. Digital, lofi, sizzling. Very good.

7.Cybermouse - My Dorectives

Proto-Doomcore techno track. Very unusual. Entrancing. Techno-style. Drone that gets modulated throughout the track.  Mid-tempo. Use of loops. Creates a surreal feel. 

8.Eradicator - You're Lieing Pig

The only breakcore track on the "Agit Prop" LP. very lo fi, very thin sound. strange sound fx, bleeps, almost videogame-like sounds. overdriven breakbeat rhythm running throughout the track. sparsely used other elements such as distorted guitars and an aggressive vocal sample. great work by Patric Catani under his "Eradicator" alias.

9.Fields Of Defacement - Bang-Bang (Live In Hamburg 96)

Live recording. Brutal. Acidcore. With gabber and general hardcore elements. Entrancing. Exalted. Shows the power of a hardcore techno live performance.

10.Taciturne - Mourning

Probably the best known track by Taciturne next to "Der Toten". was included in Manu Le Malin's "Biomechanik" compilation. Use of ambient sounds next to a midtempo, industrial hardcore techno drum. very minimal, very few elements, not even hi hats snares or other percussion apart from the drum. crispy noisy 8 bit commodore amiga sound. legendary track.

11.Eradicator - Thou Shall Kill

one of the best tracks on the agit prop LP. fast beats, guitars, synth, noises, and a strange vocal.

12.Cybermouse - Overreacting

electro beats. non four-to-the-floor rhythm. commodore amiga sound.

13.Monoloop - Underwater Trumpet

very interesting. unique early breakcore. drone, ambient sounds mixed with hard and rough breakbeats. very surreal, futuristic. this track could only have been produced in hamburg.

14.Auto-Psy - Neutron

experimental merciless distorted ambient hardcore techno.

15.Burning Lazy Persons - If The Truth Be Known

very brutal. one of the hardest by burning lazy persons. guitars and fast beats.

16.Orderly Chaos - Melt Away Love

pure ambient track. interesting, repeated melody. wonderful track.

17.No Name - Control

one of the most classic and most fierce hardcore tracks. if you haven't heard this one, you are missing out!

18.Mathey Olivier - Residential Volume

heavy and loud drums, noises, funny intro.

19.R.A.W. - Cold War Memory Nightmare

great, great early breakcore. interesting use of sounds and "melody". also a good but haunting cold-war feel.

20.EPC - Where Do You Go?

perfect hardcore track, with radar / space-transmission like sounds. very industrial.

21.Fields Of Defacement - Attached

one of the most bittersweet dark and disturbing melodies in hardcore techno. set to arrhythmic beats and fragile manipulated percussion.

22.Eradicator - Titan

included on the 90s hardcore cd compilation "mururoa test 1". truly experimental hard electronics.

23.Amiga Shock Force - Psycore Pt. 1

slow intro. amiga computer sounds. hissing, noisy, overdriven. surreal feel.

24.Taciturne - In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi

samples the chuch of satan. non 4/4 beats. slow, distorted, noisy. dark and scary.

25.Trash Enemy HQ - Pestilence

truly interesting track. acid sounds. very dark and epic melody. no real hardcore beats and rhythm. close to industrial.

26.Eradicator - Brujeria

perfect bloodthirsty "e-de cologne"-style gabber. shouts and heavy metal guitars.

27.Christoph De Babalon - Pleased With Being Alive

one of our favorite christoph de babalon tracks. pure future and cyberdelic feel. a true classic.

28.Taciturne - Der Toten

the one and only fischkopf track that became a real "hit". was in high demand in the dutch gabber scene and ended up on countless compilations.
as you probably already know this track, I don't need to describe it here :-)

29.Cybermouse - War Is Hell

maybe the most brutal track by cybermouse. early speedcore. very minimal. anti-war message.

30.M.C.P. - Overload 30303

arhythmic hardcore inferno

31.Auto-Psy - If

when i played this track, a guy once asked me "what kind of terrorist music is this?". good description!

32.Eradicator - M.C.P.

samples the movie tron. genuine 90s experimental hardcore.

33.No Name - Ydroid

Slick and without mercy.

34.Taciturne - Haematopan F

hardcore to blow your teeth out.

35.Cybermouse - Gulp

also one of cybermouse's most hardcore track. midtempo bounding 909 next to acid sounds.

36.Christoph De Babalon - I Own Death

the first track on his fisch 12". long, long intro. then it unleashes its full force with distorted breakbeats and a powerful melody.

37.Eradictor - Used Against Us (Remix)

Experimental gabber, ambient intro, rough sound, metal guitars. Juno hoover rave sounds. Murderous, nasty, and epic.

38.Auto-Psy - Escape

one of the most outstanding "hardcore" tracks ever. a symphony of drones, fx, noises and bassdrums. over seven minutes.

39.Burning Lazy Persons - Hyper Bitch

an early speed record. brutal and shocking.

40.No Name - Koma

so psycho, so evil, so mean. can you take it?

41.Auto-Psy - Go Out

a submarine is out of control, explosions shake the vessel, metal clanking is heard, and people scream in terror.
then the sounds fade out into the cold dark blue depths.

42.Monoloop - Underwater Feelings (Live Alone Mix)

one of the most interesting tracks on this ep. fake live act. ferocious early breakcore with sophisticated production values.

43.Monoloop - Underwater Feelings

very sweet, very relaxed ambient sounds, mixed with hard breakbeats. pianos, water splashing, whales' whistling.

44.Amiga Shock Force - 24 Hour Connection

another true amigacore classic! ruthless and heavy.

45.Cybermouse - Datenvernichtung

comparable to early french noisecore. nice and evil.

46.Taciturne - Phenylephrin-Hydrochlorid

everyone knows "mourning" and "der toten", but this one is great too. proto-doomcore with a haunting drone, then gets faster towards the end.

47.Eradicator - Worringen

Heavy track with pounding steel drums, noisy synths, screams, everything you need.

48.Eradicator - Fucking Bitch Called Walker

Is that patric screaming?
Menacing uncoventional hardcore gabber techno.

49.Cybermouse - Noishead

Early noise hardcore. The noise treatment for hardcore heads.

50.No Name - 01100010

didn't the german dance act "das modul" have a similar track title?
but this one is hardcore, for sure!

51.Cybermouse - Adrenalin Structure

first track of the first fischkopf release. epic. was first released on an commodore amiga diskette magazine.
not 4/4 hardcore, but wicked and strange electro sounds.

52.Monoloop - Chill Out

breakcore madness in between being chilled (as indicated by the piano) and being killed (as indicated by the screams).

53.M.C.P. - Overload MS 50

very aphex twin like, great experimental hardcore.

54.EPC - Autoplasie

Noisecore for your mind!

55.Burning Lazy Persons - Frd

a hammer coming down on your skull.

56.P. Server - Wires (Break)

a recording of audio wires that have been broken?

57.Fields Of Defacement - Uptight

melanchonic melodic hard core tech-no?

58.EPC - R 624-2

Techno chopped up and turned into noise. Very analogue feel.

59.EPC - Persistance

Oh what a beatiful noise!

60.Eradicator - I Cum Blood

Evil experimental gabber insanity.

61.Auto-Psy - Ovoide

first track on this great ep. sounds that invoke the images of a runaway train accelerating straight to hell.

62.Auto-Psy - Andropose

the tranquil intro might give you the impression it's time to relax now, on this ep. but then the beats hammer on.

63.Eradicator - Destroy It Yourself (Remix)

March into hardcore disturbia..

64.Taciturne - Liquid Theatre

strange ambient intro. cult track.

65.M.C.P. - Overload RZ-1

hardcore machines got out of control and force people to dance to their death.

66.Auto-Psy - Clear

"null... null... null..." when i put on this record for the first time, i totally fell in love with this sound and all that followed.

67.P. Server - Ratings (Terror Unit H.Q.)

cool monotonous acidcore track.

68.M.C.P. - Overload Sigma

mental gabber up your cranium.

69.Amiga - Sex, Mord Und Kunst

one of the fastest tracks of its era. hyperfast beats next to crazy rap samples.

70.Taciturne - Boys Don't Cry (Revisited)

robert smith would be proud!

71.No Name - Black Dream

help me. i hear voices. they are distorted. just as the drums.

72.No Name - 0.Vin .I

slowing down a bit. but not one bit less relentless.

73.Mathey Olivier - Easy Recording Aera

the last track of the last official fischkopf release. going out with a bang! and it's good-bye.

74.No Name - Kamasutra

i wonder what kamasutra technique inspires one to produce such devilish hardcore from hell like this. but then, it might be better to not find out.

75.Eradicator - Us Against Us

not as good as the revisit, but great nevertheless. tough experimental gabber.

76.Amiga Shock Force - Violent Geisha

mix between breakcore and early speedcore with an amiga feel.

77.Burning Lazy Persons - Poisoned Radio Wave

ooh, painful audio signals and overly distorted hardcore drums. i'm luving it.

78.Eradicator - Streptocock Gee

one of two true breakcore tracks patric catani did for fischkopf. excellent!

79.Taciturne - Praxis Dr. Fischer

Legendary drone-speedcore track. Doctor Fischer has the cure for you! Just go to his praxis.

80.Monoloop - The Dreamer

already a foreshadowing of the "ambient-breakcore" on fischkopf 13. epic!

81.Burning Lazy Persons - Garden Of The Permanent

this is crazy!

82.Burning Lazy Persons - Nakano Shit

man, this is some of the roughest hardcore that i ever heard.

83.EPC - Infectious Properties

these sounds bash right through your skull.

84.Fields Of Defacement - Found & Lost

Stones and flowers on the ground
We are found and lost
But love is gonna save us

85.Burning Lazy Persons - Fake

"die maschinen die maschinen die maschinen"? whatever. this machine kills!

86.Eradicator - Impulse To Destroy

the other "oversize" track on the agit prop LP. fierce drums and percussion. plenty of noise.

87.Eradicator - Distorted

Very distorted indeed! Fantastic.

88.Eradicator - Split Wide Open

Powerful radical hardcore with acid elements.

89.Burning Lazy Persons - Catastro

The overdose of noise and drums.

90.Taciturne - Krach-Aran-RMX

Now this is just krach! But a good one.

91.Eradicator - Cologne Boring M.F.

Hyperfast mental metal hardcore madness.

92.Orderly Chaos - 45m

The so real dark ambient experience.

93.Burning Lazy Persons - Kone Kane Dayone

a very very wild ride.

94.P. Server - Pulley

excellent lasse steen production. has some rave elements.

95.Amiga Shock Force - Mass Appeal Madness

one of the most "poppy" tracks on fischkopf as it samples james brown. crazy hardcore gabber.

96.Jean Bach - Tausend Stimmen

very crazy and over the top track by jean bach. heavy distortion.

97.Eradicator - Destroy It Yourself

Sepultura samples, weird noises, gabber drums - perfect!

98.Christoph De Babalon - Promise, Broken

total future psychedelic breakcore.

99.Trash Enemy H. Q. - Braintraining

noise and distortion with a painful sound without drums or anything else.

100.Taciturne - Avarie De Machine

made up of sounds of heavy machinery? great!

101.No Name - Message

we got the message and the message was clear.

102.No name - Help

get on a hardcore trip faster than light.

103.Eradicator - Starving

epic ambient intro.

104.No Name - Start E·nd

it starts and ends in torturous hardcore agony.

105.No Name - A

"a" total french insane techno track.

106.Monoloop - Second Trumpet

in style similar to the other 3 tracks on fisch 13. has a heavy jazz feel.

107.Shangoe - Army Of Darkness

interesting breakcore out of hamburg.

108.Eradicator - Agitprop Troop

interesting noise experiment.

109.Eradicator - Forkboy

early speedcore track. guitars and hyperspeed drums.

110.Taciturne - Dexpanthenol

riots of noise, distortion, and brutality.

111.Monoloop - Drum Da Style

stylish early breakcore.

112.Mathey Olivier - Second Transmission

mad scientist hardcore.

113.Mathey Olivier - Well Done!

the acid sounds from outer space invade the second part of this great french hardcore track.
well done indeed!

114.P. Server - Epigraph

lasse steen delivers with this great dark acidtechno track.

115.Taciturne - Krank

total "kranker" hardcore!

116.P. Server - Plunger

all power to the 303!

117.P. Server - Psave

legit 90s acid hardcore. rough production values, almost as if mastered from cassette tape.

118.P. Server - Dispatching

hardcore up your acid!

119.Fields Of Defacement - Dark.R

the 808 gets the full-on distortion treatment.

120.Eradicator - Enter Three Witches

one of two "oversize" tracks on the agit prop LP. on four-to-the floor beats. ambient outro.

121.Eradicator - Widerstand

noisy agit prop sounds!

122.P. Server - Banging Happening


123.Fields Of Defacement - Corkscrew

Wonderful monotonous hardcore without bleeps or melodies.

124.Amiga Shock Force - Shoot 'em Breax

A perfect early breakcore track. Hip hop and guitars.

125.Cybermouse - Obstreperous

Very experimental techno / hardcore track. 
Acid like sounds, great use of percussion, and a sci-fi feel.

126.P. Server - Metal Disposition

acid gabber brutality.

127.Burning Lazy Persons - "R"

vicious nice and nasty track by nawoto suzuki.

128.Burning Lazy Persons - Dorami De Onanie (240 Vers.)

faster onanism.

129.Johnny Ego - Untitled

again an interesting hamburg breakbeat track.

130.Orderly Chaos - Pine

painful sounds and pure ambient.

131.R.A.W. - Sudden Death

the other r.a.w. track from the otaku compilation. impressive as well!

132.EPC & A.N.T.I. - Sharpomatic

noisy hardcore with a total "piss off!" attitude.

133.Burning Lazy Persons - Dorami De Onanie

onanism will give you a mental disorder that allows you to create wonderful nasty hardcore tracks like this.

134.Burning Lazy Persons - Fish Tenpuraaaaa

fish fried well, and served for this solid hardcore dish.

135.Burning Lazy Persons - Mongolian Chop

typical nawoto suzuki. mental and dangerous. awesome.

136.Burning Lazy Persons - Niko Niko Satujin Dan

ooh I'm freaking out.

137.Taciturne - Boys Don't Cry RMX

the original "remix" version. i'm also lovin' it.

138.Taciturne - Evil Dead

a kick straight to the face.

139.P. Server - Intensioner

wonderful acid techno.

140.Eradicator - Liebe Und Verbrechen

very strange and surreal gabber track.

141.Monoloop - For The Lord

monumental, experimental and exceptional breakcore with a runtime of over 7 minutes.

142.Burning Lazy Persons - Rotter…damn

funny piss take on rotterdam hardcore. includes a piano, but not in a typical happy gabber way!

143.Burning Lazy Persons - T.C.H.C.

nasty and nice.

144.Monoloop - Kills Again

a track to die for.

145.Monoloop - Free Man

noone is ever free. except the experimental hardcore resistance! (or, in this case, early breakcore).

146.Taciturne - Nightchildren RMX

lullaby of terror for the night children.

147.Taciturne - Mo Punk RMX

do you feel lucky, punk?

148.Monoloop - She's A Lion

early breakcore from hamburg

So, that's it! Over and out. Did you like our charts? Let us know!